Please Note: This is a professional product, made for professionals.
Only apply Pearl Nano Ceramic Coatings to vehicles that have been perfectly polished. Please make sure that the polishing oils/ residues are 100% completely removed, before applying ceramic coatings. This means that the coating surface is free all scratches, marring or imperfections…to the best of your ability.
Preparation is 99% of the ceramic coating process. Please take this very serious.

IMPORTANT! If there are imperfections in the surface(s) that you cannot fix/ remove/ polish out, be sure to identify them to the customer, BEFORE, applying the ceramic coating to the surface of the vehicle. Suggested to only proceed, if the customer approves for you to proceed, in writing. 

Please follow the directions listed here, including the suggested wipe-down wait times.
– Make sure the surface is clean and dry before coating.
– Do not apply under the scorching sun, in the rain, or in sub-zero temps. – Apply only after the surface has cooled down completely.
– Apply by hand is recommended. Some installers use an HPLV gun to spray the ceramic coatings on the surface. If you do this, take great precaution not to breathe the atomized particles. Be sure to wear proper safety equipment.
Preparation Steps to Complete BEFORE the Ceramic Coating Process
1. Wash all surfaces with Soap and rinse with Water. Dry off
2. Remove surface contaminants with Decon and a Clay Mitt.
3. Remove iron particles with Pearl Nano Metal X. (optional)
4. Wash & Dry thoroughly, if Metal X is parts cleaned.
5. Perform a very high quality / professional paint correction (1, 2, 3
or 4 correction stages) to remove all Scratches and then Polish to perfection and a mirror finish.  
 3. Remove any/ all oils, waxes, & slung polish left behind from the polishing stage. Recommend using Pearl Nano Decon Ceramic Coating Prep Spray and a very soft microfiber towel to wipe down the entire vehicle.

You could also carefully wash it with Dawn Soap.
4. If you used water, please Dry the Surface 100%. Perhaps use a blower to remove water from cracks and crevices.
Only Now are you ready to apply the ceramic coatings. The surface is totally Clean, Scratch-Free and Residue-Free.
1. Place 10 drops of Pearl Nano Base AutoBody coating on the sponge (this should cover the lower half of a car door).
3. Apply the coating evenly is very important. Everyone has a different method. We recommend going in a large circle, a small circle, then a large X and a large + and then in a lengthwise direction and then breadthwise. 4. After applying, wait for allotted time: When the room temperature is:
a. 10 degrees C (50F),: wait 1-3 minutes,
b. 20 degrees C, (68F) wait 1-2 minutes,
c. 20+ degrees C, (70F+) wait 1 minute
Hotter than 25C or 85F wait 20-30 seconds.
Once the timeframe has past, use a DRY microfiber towel to polish it into a high gloss and blend in the edges. The best time to wipe the surface is when you feel a little resistance. If the temperature is very hot, (90F+) please use an initial damp microfiber towel to remove and then a dry one.
5. Do not wait too long time after application to wipe and dry as indication in Step 4, otherwise, when the coating is hardened fully, it is very hard to remove. If you catch a mistake within 10 minutes, it can be wiped off with a damp microfiber towel. After 10 minutes, you will need to polish it down and start over.
If this happens, do not panic. Polish it down, using a coarse cutting polish and then fine polish with a machine polisher. Clean with Decon and ReCoat.
Please Note: Again, This is a professional product, made for professionals. Only apply Pearl Nano Coatings to vehicles that have been perfectly polished and free of all scratches, marring or imperfections. Please follow the directions listed here and suggested wipe down wait times.
 Key points:
1. USE Plenty of Lights. The room light should be strong enough, to make sure each part is wiped by towel timely. Overhead, PDR lights, and LED works very well.
2. For big sections, like the engine hood, you should divide the area into several small squares to apply the coating. Look into the glare to see if you missed any areas.
3. Wipe the coating immediately if it adheres to the glass. It not meant to be used on the glass.
4. You should not use the same application sponge or surface of towel to wipe the entire vehicle; you need to change applicators and the wipe down towel often once or twice during a coating process.
The Pearl Nano Pro AutoBody TopCoat can be applied 30 minutes after the Base coat is applied, unless the temperature is below 50F with high humidity. Then wait 1-2 hours to apply the Pro Coat.
The coating thickness, water repellency, and gloss will be increased by a second application and/ or the Pearl Nano Pro AutoBody Top Coat.
Same directions are applied for the Pearl Nano Pro and Pearl Nano HD coatings, EXCEPT – These two products dry quicker than the base coating. Wipe on and wipe off, quickly. In hot climates, you must be fast.
Parts that may be coated:
1. Urethane parts
2. Alloy Wheels 3. Front Light
4. Tail lens
5. Plated parts
Parts that cannot be coated:
• Windscreen and Glass
Notes of Pearl Nano AutoBody coating after application:
1. Car washing: Wash car by hand. The use of Pearl Nano Purple Perfection Waterless Car Wash is most recommended.
2. Wax: You do not need to wax your car or use a sealant any longer. The Pearl Nano AutoBody ceramic coating performance may be impaired if you wax the car.
3. Do not take a coated vehicle through a bristle brush automatic car wash.
4. If the sand or mud is attached to the body, remove by washing using high pressure washer or hose.
5. If bird droppings or tree sap is attached, remove it as soon as possible.
6. Do not let the tap water on the body dry-itself because the chlorine contained in tap water, will potentially leave water marks on the car body.
5. The coated surface will be hard enough to drive home is 2-4 hours and be fully hardened/ cured within 1-3 days.
6. Do not let water touch the coating for 24 hours after application.
7. Wait one week to wash the car after application
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