Bad Paint Job fixed with X-Kote

X-KOTE + Ceramic Coating
2007 / 200k miles / Chevy Silverado with a 6-month old paint job. It was not going very well. Scratches/ marring/ swirls… Rather than
pay to get it repainted…again, Chris wanted us to fix it and that’s what we did!!!Cleaned, clayed, decon’d, waterspots removed and some of the major scratches were wet sanded. X-Kote added clearcoat gloss & depth, plus helped to fill in the massive amount of imperfections. Then it was time to enhance and boost the gloss factor, with PEARL NANO Ceramic / Nano Coatings. Paint, glass, wheels and interior. It turned out fantastic and looks amazing! Chris was extremely impressed with the deep, black, wet, glossy mirror finish. We even corrected, sealed and coated some areas that the paint shop missed. He even told that he did not want to take it off-road any longer. He had his beautiful truck back again! His Range Rover and Toyota Tacoma are next. Stay tuned.

X-Kote Chrysler Transformation

This Chrysler SRT had not only been abused, but was also suffering from Clear Coat failure. Using Pearl Nano Detail Supplies, X-Kote Wipe-on Clear Coat, and a little wrap, we were able to bring it back to life! Check out the entire transformation in the video below!

If you are interested in becoming an X-Kote Certified Installer, please visit

Detailer of the Week Eco Wash Hawaii

This week we talked to Jay at Eco Wash Hawaii! Eco Wash Hawaii is based out of Kaneohe, Hawaii and offers a wide range of services including Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction and Interior Detail Services.This last week, Jay was in LA for X-Kote Training. If you haven’t heard of X-Kote already, it is a wipe-on, self-leveling 2K clear coat paint renewal system. It is the same clear coat currently on your vehicle, just with the ability to be wiped on! This is what Jay had to say about the training “X-Kote training was amazing, and well worth it! I honestly didn’t think I’d be this stoked, but I was blown away by the results and transformations right before my eyes. Wait until you see how this product can transform vehicles of virtually any condition. I have my personal beater car lined up, and a clients car this Friday” If you have ever seen Jay’s social media channels, you’ll know he is always killing it with Pearl Nano WaterSpot Killer. I asked Jay why this is his go to product and he said “It’s stronger, and more versatile. When you need it, you can count on it to work the vast majority of time. With water spots, some products would work but fail other times” Check out Jay’s video below to see how he gets wheels done in a flash with Pearl Nano WaterSpot KillerYou can get your own bottle of WaterSpot Killer by clicking here!

Pearl Nano Sponsee Tyler Davidson

Pearl Nano is excited to announce that we are now the official sponsor of Tyler Davidson – Pro Freestyle Motocross Rider. We asked Tyler to share a little bit about himself and why he chose Pearl Nano Detailing Supplies.”I’m 28 years of age, from Orillia Ontario Canada, I’ve been riding 2 wheels since about 10 years of age. Been riding freestyle motocross for 10 years professionally. I’ve been to China, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore and Chile for freestyle motocross shows. Most of my work is done in North America with “USFMX” and “Keith Sayers fmx”

On Pearl Nano Detailing Supplies:

“I like Pearl Nano products for how legit the quality is. I’ve never had products that work this good and I’ve tried many many brands. I like how the products are not acidic and harmful to my vehicle or dirtbike but still clean like no other. I use the blue foam cannon soap, speedcoat and the tire shine religiously and it keeps my things looking better then new.”

Detailer of the Week with Texas Premier Polishing

This week we are featuring Pearl Nano Detailer Kevin, owner of Texas Premier Polishing in Lubbock Texas. Texas Premier Polishing’s slogan “If it don’t shine, it ain’t mine” is perfect for his work especially in his capabilities with trucks & trailers.

Kevin’s favorite Pearl Nano product is one of our Ceramic Coatings, Nano HD. Nano HD is an industrial wheel & marine coating that truly is Heavy Duty. Nano HD is the perfect Ceramic Coating for the kind of work that Texas Premier Polishing executes. We asked Kevin why this is his favorite Pearl Nano product and why he thinks it is better than others he tried.

“HD [is] different for me in the metal polishing side of it. This is what my customers have been waiting for! Anyone that has polished aluminum wheels, trucks, trailers etc knows how difficult it is to keep them perfect. Not to mention the oxidation factor. It delays the oxidation and cloudiness that aluminum will turn after time. Has held up against acid and numerous bad detailers. We are in love with the HD but it seems our customers like it even more!”

Check out how Kevin get’s the job done in this video 

Video thanks to Texas Premier Polishing & Salinas Photography

Texas Premier Polishing offers a wide array of services you can find here

You can also contact them directly

Texas Premier Polishing

9505 HWY 87 LUBBOCK, TEXAS 79423

(806) 317-8067

Wheel & Water Spot Cleaning with Pearl Nano

These video’s by Jay from Eco Wash Hawaii are the perfect example of how easy it is to clean your Wheels & Remove Water Spots using Pearl Nano Waterspot Killer! This is a product we truly could not live without. From Grease & Grime to Mineral Deposits, there is pretty much nothing that this product can’t remove. We are now offering a Wheel & Tire bundle that includes everything you will need to rejuvenate your Tires & Wheels. Click the link below to get your bundle!

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