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pearl nano

Bad Paint Job fixed with X-Kote

Aug 22, 2019
X-KOTE + Ceramic Coating
2007 / 200k miles / Chevy Silverado with a 6-month old paint job. It was not going very well. Scratches/ marring/ swirls... Rather than
pay to get it repainted...again, Chris wanted us to fix it and that's what we did!!!Cleaned, clayed, decon'd, waterspots removed and some of the major scratches were wet sanded. X-Kote added clearcoat gloss & depth, plus helped to fill in the massive amount of imperfections. Then it was time to enhance and boost the gloss factor, with PEARL NANO Ceramic / Nano Coatings. Paint, glass, wheels and interior. It turned out fantastic and looks amazing! Chris was extremely impressed with the deep, black, wet, glossy mirror finish. We even corrected, sealed and coated some areas that the paint shop missed. He even told that he did not want to take it off-road any longer. He had his beautiful truck back again! His Range Rover and Toyota Tacoma are next. Stay tuned.