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Calling All Detailers EP: 2 - Communication Matters, with Jimbo Balaam

Mar 29, 2018

Communication Matters: With Jimbo Balam of the Auto Detailing Podcast &  When you communicate with people, it is vital to know who your target audience is, so you can craft and convey the right message to the right people. The Target audience for this podcast are Detailers and Car Care Enthusiasts. Professional, Amateur, Doesn’t Matter. Do you know who your target market is? Do you know their pain points? Have you asked them?    

As I said before, the purpose of this podcast is to help Detailers, from around the world, make more money. Are you one of those Detailers that is looking for more information about detailing, detailers, and building a business? Great! Thanks for hanging out with us. This podcast is filled with Advice, Motivation, and Information, plus great interviews with amazing Detailers.  Skills, Knowledge and innovative products are important, but when you combine that with the proper Mindset, Drive, Attitude and Determination, you will shine as that top professional that people can trust.  Knowing who your customers are and figuring out what they are looking for is vital. Positioning you and your business as the trusted professional with the solution is the secret to your success. How do you find out their pain points and what they need help with? You have to ask them. Communicate.     

Today we talk with Jimbo Balam, from the Auto Detailing Podcast. I met with him over the winter and he tells us how keeps in touch with his customers. He also tells us how he sends texts and voicemails, without his client’s phone ringing or buzzing. Let’s have a listen.    Jimbo Interview - On Location at Huntington Beach, California.   Jimbo is a great guy and a skilled detailer, with an awesome Podcast. Please make sure to follow him and listen to his show. The Auto Detailing Podcast. Since I recorded this interview, he has a new unveiled a new Venture. It's called Check out what he is doing and what it is all about.     

I hope that you enjoyed this episode of the Calling All Detailers Podcast. Please be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Spotify.  Check us out at the Calling All and the new Calling All Detailers Youtube Channel for our footage of Detailing Live. DetailingLive is a live / recorded segment of detailers working on cars, and telling us about their work, products, and equipment they are using and much more. It's like a Detailing Reality Show, but much more sexy!   Until next time, Thank you for listening to the Calling All Detailers Podcast. My Name is David Elliott and Please remember: Keep Grinding, Keep Working Hard and Keep Putting 110% into everything you do. It Will Pay Off!