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Pearl Nano Sponsee Tyler Davidson

Jun 06, 2019
Pearl Nano is excited to announce that we are now the official sponsor of Tyler Davidson - Pro Freestyle Motocross Rider. We asked Tyler to share a little bit about himself and why he chose Pearl Nano Detailing Supplies.
"I’m 28 years of age, from Orillia Ontario Canada, I’ve been riding 2 wheels since about 10 years of age. Been riding freestyle motocross for 10 years professionally. I’ve been to China, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore and Chile for freestyle motocross shows. Most of my work is done in North America with “USFMX” and “Keith Sayers fmx”
On Pearl Nano Detailing Supplies:
"I like Pearl Nano products for how legit the quality is. I’ve never had products that work this good and I’ve tried many many brands. I like how the products are not acidic and harmful to my vehicle or dirtbike but still clean like no other. I use the blue foam cannon soap, speedcoat and the tire shine religiously and it keeps my things looking better then new."