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The Benefits of Speedcoat Concentrate

Jul 20, 2021

Pearl Nano Speedcoat is a Spray-On Detailer and Ceramic Coating Topper/Maintenance Spray. This Ceramic Waterless Car Wash contains specially formulated soaps and wetting agents that safely and effectively break down dirt on contact. 

Using Pearl Nano Speedcoat allows for a quick, waterless wash. Speedcoat's formula resembles that of a ceramic coating. The infused SiO2 creates a water beading/sheeting effect that will last up to 6 months. These hydrophobic qualities create a long-lasting barrier of ceramic coating protection. 

Speedcoat is super easy to use. Simply spray-on, and buff off with a Pearl Nano Microfiber Towel. Use this Spray-On Detailer on Paint, Glass, Chrome, and Plastic surfaces. Use it in the sun or shade, on a wet or dry surface, and/or on a dirty surface or for routine washes. Speedcoat comes RTU (ready to use) or in a concentrated form for diluting to preference. Order your bottle of Speedcoat and a Microfiber Towel below.