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The Calling All Detailers Podcast Episode #1 - What - Who - Why

Mar 16, 2018
What is Calling All Detailers, who am I, and why should you listen to the show?
Calling All Detailers is a community, a marketplace and an audio and video podcast designed to help detailers make more money. 
This show goes way beyond sales and marketing and detailing techniques…of course, we will cover all of that, and a lot more.
I bet that you know your craft. I bet that you can clean and polish a car, just as good or better than the next guy. 
But perhaps you struggle to build your business, attract new customers and take things to the next level. Am I right? 
Yes, There are some guys out there who are just killing it in their business, and we are going to talk to them…
We are also going to talk to others who are struggling and are trying to grow their business bigger and better. 
I interview some of the top detailers out there, along with some of the obscure ones. 
We will hear their stories of success, failures, tips, and tricks and take apart their advice and suggestions. 
I think that it is important to learn from others and to be constantly learning.
We are building a Community of hard-working, like-minded, Detailing entrepreneurs, that share that Hair-On-Fire, Business Mindset, 
This Take-Massive-Action Mindset is critical to your success in today’s tough business world. 
I want to hear your story, your ups and downs and your advice. 
Please join me on the show, just head on over to Calling All Detailers. Com and sign up today. 
Hello, and thank you for listening to this first episode of Calling All Detailers. 
I am your host, David Elliott, and I help detailers every day. 
I have developed, marketed and sold multiple car care product lines and brands.
I have worked with 1000’s of amazing detailers.
I am a web marketing expert and a retired U.S. Air Force Veteran, with over 20 years of Active Duty Service. 
I helped develop the first non-kerosene waterless car wash product in 1999 and have sold them in over 100 countries.
Disclaimer, Yes, I still produce, market and sell innovative detailing supplies and incredible ceramic coatings.
I would appreciate it if you purchased them, as I have bills to pay as well, but selling my products to you is not the intention of this show.
My Real passion is helping Detailers make more money. I really get a kick out of seeing people succeed in this business. 
Like I said earlier, the goal of this show is to help you make more money, by teaching, sharing, learning and working hard. 
To Make Money, it is important to know how to sell. Everyone is a salesman, and it vital to learn how to sell, 
Not everyone is comfortable with being a Salesman, but that is Too Bad! 
Put it this way, If you cannot sell, you will not make enough money and it is possible that you will not be in business for very long. 
You will be then forced to work for someone else, making their dreams come true, instead of yours. 
That is why we are going to learn Sales, Marketing, Networking, and other activities that can and will get you PAID! Sound Fair? 
Please tune in and join us for the Calling All Detailers podcast.
Since this is the first episode, I will go over the questions that I ask detailers on the show. 
Since I do not detail for a profession, not all of the questions will apply to me, but you will get a feel of where I am going with it. 
1. Can you share your story with us: Please tell us what were you doing before Detailing and what led up to it? 
2. What was the turning point? How did you know this was it and that you were/ will be successful? 
3. How do you attract new and old customers? 
4. How do you promote/ market your business? Do you use Traditional Marketing, Social Media, and other methods?
5. Do you plan on increasing this year's earnings? How?
6. What piece of advice would you give the Detailers out there trying to build a successful business?
7. Where can we find you, your website, facebook and instagram?