pearl nano faq

General Questions:

• Is there free shipping over a certain amount? We do not offer free shipping. However, we pass along our discounted business shipping rates to our clients and do not mark up shipping costs. What we are charged is passed along directly to the customer. 

• Can a CC be kept on file? Yes. You must complete a CC authorization form for us to keep your card on file.

• Does Pearl Nano ship internationally? Yes, please contact for international orders.

• LARGE ORDERS: For orders over 11 lbs shipping to Hawaii, please email your order to to acquire accurate shipping cost. For orders over 100 lbs shipping out in the U.S., please email

• When will I receive my order? Please review this link.

• What is your refund policy? Please see this link.

• My product arrived broken. What should I do? Contact or for more information, please see this link.

• Where can I find SDS information? Please see this link.

• How can I contact Pearl Nano? Email, call us at 253-292-1802 during business hours or follow this link.

• How can I place an international order? Call 253-292-1802 during business hours or email

• How to order:
Retail -
Wholesale -
Or call 253-292-1802 or email

• What are Pearl Nano's bulk products and how do I order them? Please contact for bulk product information.

Wholesale Inquiries:

• How can I create a Wholesale Account? Non team members can complete the wholesale form here. Team members sign up through this link.

• Are there tiers for Wholesale pricing? Yes, we have one price list for all wholesale accounts. Each item and size has tiered pricing.

Private Label:

• How can I private label with Pearl Nano? Complete this form.

• Can products be customized? Color and scent of the majority of our products are able to be customized through our private label program.


• Can I be a Pearl Nano Distributor? Yes. Non team members can complete this form. Existing Team members can email for more info.

Sample Packs:

• How to get a Sample Pack? Complete the Sample Pack form.


• How to gain Sponsorship.

Certified Installers:

• How can I become a Certified Installer? Fill out this form to complete the certification process. If you're already a team member, please email for more information. 

• Benefits of being a Pearl Nano Certified Installer:
- Promote yourself as a Pearl Nano Certified Installer.
- We advertise you as a Pearl Nano Certified Installer.
- Provides your customers with piece of mind through professional certification.
- You are added to our locator as a certified installer

• How do I get on the Detail Locator? Become a Pearl Nano team member or a certified installer.


Ceramic Coating Inquiries:

• How can I gain access to Ceramic Coatings? Non team members can complete the wholesale form.

Team members can complete account access here:

• Do you have Ceramic Coating Instructions? Please see Ceramic Coating instructional booklet or contact to receive PDF or downloadable copy.

• How many cars can I coat with ____ Ceramic/Nano Coating? 

- EZ Nano: 3-4 cars or 270-399 sq ft

- Nano X: 3-4 cars or 270-399 sq ft

- Nano Base: 2 cars or 180-266 sq ft

- Nano Pro/Top: 2 cars or 180-266 sq ft

- Nano HD: 180-266 sq ft 

- Graphene Coating: 3-4 cars or 270-399 sq ft

- Nano Glass: 215 sq ft

• What Ceramic Coating is best for wheels? Nano HD

• What Ceramic Coating is best for marine use? Nano HD

• What Coating is best for glass? Nano Glass

• Why should I order the Graphene-Infused Ceramic Coating? This is a detailers personal preference. Graphene increases the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating.

• Can I use Nano Base/Pro alone? Yes

• What Ceramic Coating can be applied to matte painted/wrapped vehicles? Nano Base

• Can EZ Nano be applied in the sun/any temperature? EZ Nano does not require a temperature controlled environment. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

• Do we have a warranty on ceramic coatings? Although we do not have a warranty on our products, we do stand behind our ceramic coatings. Application and maintenance play a big role in the longevity of ceramic coatings therefore each issue is reviewed on a case by case basis. In the event that there is a product failure, we will replace the ceramic coating used for free. However, the installer/detailer is responsible for the application and labor.

• What is our “best” ceramic coating? This is a detailer's preference. If you are looking for extreme chemical resistance, use Nano X. For high gloss and shine with ease of use, use EZ Nano. For a standard, two step ceramic coating application process, use Base & Pro/Top. For motorcycles, industrial applications, air craft, water craft, etc., use Nano HD. For any glass surface use Nano Glass. Each one of our coatings is 3-5+ years, with 9H.

How-To Use:

• How to use ___ product. Click each link to view.

• Do you have how-to videos? Yes, please visit this link.

Speedcoat/Spray-On Ceramic/Graphene Wash

• Can Pearl Nano Speedcoat or Spray-On Ceramic be applied to Ceramic Coated vehicles? Yes, they both can be applied to non ceramic coated or ceramic coated vehicles.

• What’s the difference between Speedcoat, Spray-On Ceramic and the Graphene Infused Waterless Wash? Speedcoat has soaps and surfactants to dissolve dirt and grime on contact. It is also infused with si02 to leave a slick shiny surface with water beading and sheeting.

Our Graphene-infused Waterless Wash has soaps and surfactants to dissolve dirt and grime on contact. It is also infused with si02 to leave a slick shiny surface with water beading and sheeting. The infusion of Graphene allows a more predominant and tighter hydrophobic properties of water beading and sheeting. 

Spray on Ceramic - is a water based formula infused with si02. The surface must be decontaminated before use. Only being infused with si02 to hydrophobic properties are more predominant and last up to 1 year.

• How long does Spray-On Ceramic last? Up to 1 year

• Do I need to complete paint correction on the application surface before applying Spray-On Ceramic? No you do not. You can if you would like to, but it is not required. You just have to make sure the surface is decontaminated before applying spray on ceramic.

• Is the Graphene-infused Waterless Wash RTU (ready to use)? Yes.

• What is the difference between the Graphene-Infused Waterless Wash and Speedcoat? The Graphene Wash provides more predominant beading and sheeting

Tire Gel

• Does Tire Gel sling? No, Pearl Nano Tire Gel is a non sling formula

Water Spot Killer 

• What surfaces can I apply Water Spot Killer too? Waterspot killer can be used on glass, painted surfaces, wheels, etc. However, this is an acidic formula. DO NOT USE in direct sunlight. DO NOT let the product sit on the surface. Spray, scrub or wipe right away, then neutralize the surface with soap and water.

• What can I neutralize Water Spot Killer with? Soap & Water or Pearl Nano Speedcoat.

• Can Water Spot Killer be used on wheels? Yes.


• What products are RTU (ready to use) and which ones are concentrated? All products are ready to use. Speedcoat and APC are also available in a Concentrate version.


• Can APC be applied to exterior/interiors? Yes.

Nano Glass:

• How long does Nano Glass last? 1 million wiper wipes or up to 3 years depending on weather conditions and routine maintenance.

Power Soap:

• Can Power Soap be used as a Strip Soap? No, they are two different products. Power Soap is a ph balanced formula with gloss enhancers. Strip soap is a high PH formula that is a decontaminate to remove waxes and sealants.

• Is Power Soap safe for Ceramic Coated vehicles? Yes, it is.

• How much Power Soap goes into a bucket/foam cannon? The recommended amount is ½ oz per gallon of water. You can add more or less depending on personal foaming preference.


• What is the difference between Correction & Ceramic Compound? Correction compound is an all in one product. It starts as a cutting compound and turns into a polish. Ceramic Compound is a non diminishing abrasive compound. It stays as a cutting compound and does not break down into a polish.


• Can I machine wash the Wash Mitt, Towel or Applicator? Yes, however if they are very hard from product or remain hard after washing once, throw them away. 

• What is the difference between the Foam Pads? Red + Course, Black = Soft, Blue = Ultra Soft.

• Is there a difference between the two sides of the Microfiber Towel? No, just a color difference.

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