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Should You Add Ceramic Coating to Your Vehicle or Not?

Oct 21, 2021

Every car owner has an option to choose whether or not to get their vehicles some ceramic coating. However, not everyone has an idea of why they have to do that. A car would still work without this added coating layer, sure, but it could give your vehicle more benefits than you ever imagined.

If you are curious why some car owners are so enthusiastic about the idea of adding a ceramic coating to their cars, this article will show you how useful they can be to your ride.

Why You Must Consider Getting Ceramic Coating

1. It Protects Your Car

Ceramic coating is more than for enhancing your car’s exterior looks. It is also a means of protecting your investment. When you have a ceramic coating for your vehicle, you can feel safer and at ease. 

With this extra layer of protection, you can assure that your car will not suffer from blemishes and damage for a long time. It creates a surface that prevents water and dirt from sticking.

2. It Adds That Gloss

If you want your car to be a literal glowing, eye-catching car, ceramic coating can give you that. This coating protects your car’s paint from oxidation. That helps prevent your car from fading and eventually sporting a dull look. 

This coating also means there is no need for you to wax your car over and over again. The coating’s liquid polymer components painted over your vehicle’s exterior give it a lasting shine. 

3. It Saves You Time 

Given the benefits above, your car would not need that much maintenance as it did before. Since no damage or dirt would quickly appear on its coating, the weekly washing does not need to happen or at least take longer than it usually does. 

Furthermore, you can also skip the waxing step as it already has the shine it needs. Using ceramic coating provides you with convenience and also helps you save money in the process.

4. It Makes Your Car Look Brand New 

Every car owner wants their precious car to look brand new for a long time, and there are many ways they can achieve that goal. While maintaining a scratch-free car seems impossible to do, many coating and car services make it attainable. For that reason, choosing which car care service to get can be confusing. 

Ceramic coating is the more durable option among these many choices. It is more hard-wearing than the paint sealant or wax choices. It is resistant to scratches, limiting the number of scratches and swirls that your vehicle could get. 

You might even reduce the swirls with the proper washing technique. Lastly, the shine it gives your car makes it look like a new purchase. It is the perfect service to have if you want to feel like driving a new car once again. 

When Should You Not Get Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle?

Ceramic coating is not for everyone. Here are some good reasons you should not bother getting this for your car.

  • You love the idea of cleaning your car every week, pampering and polishing it. If this serves as your relaxing hobby, then you can skip the ceramic coating option. 
  • Your go-to car wash uses filament brushes, or you only have a broom for home car cleaning, the ceramic coating material would not be a good pair. 
  • If you are happy with how your car looks and do not see any of the mentioned advantages as something beneficial for you, you can forget about spending on the ceramic coating.


If you care for your car and want the best for it, adding a ceramic coating would be a good decision for you. It would be a helpful layer of protection, especially if you live and drive it within a busy neighborhood. Ceramic coating is also the best alternative if you are tired of taking off water stains, bird dropping, road grime, and other kinds of damage that could harm your car’s paint. 

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