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Here’s What You Should Know About Protecting Your Car

Nov 16, 2021

Car owners and auto detailers alike understand the value of maintaining liquid glass and ceramic protections. The technology manages to keep automobiles protected and looking quite lovely. There are several benefits to ceramic or liquid glass protection. Here are some of them:

A Buffer from Bird Droppings and Insects

When a car has ceramic coating on it, it considerably minimizes possible damage from bird droppings and dead insects. This way, the car owner will have a lot of time to remove them properly before any serious issues occur.

Since dark colors tend to absorb heat, there can be a major difference in temperatures over time. It means that any droppings or dead insects might end up really stuck to the car to the point where removing it could affect the body's paint or even cause scratches.

Compared to Wax, The Protective Layer Is Thick

Ceramic coating is generally around 3 microns thick. Wax, on the other hand, comes in at approximately 20 nanometers. Needless to say, this means that there is quite literally a thicker layer of protection on the car when a protective coating is in use. 

Gloss Lasts Much Longer

A car's painted surface will end up with a beautifully enhanced gloss when there's ceramic coating and wax at hand. This will show up quite obviously in dark-colored cars, like black ones. However, white and grey cars will not reflect it as well or as much.

When a car is already polished, ceramic coating will enhance its shine considerably. The car will keep staying shiny for quite some time since ceramic coating is long-lasting.

It Will Be More Convenient to Take Dirt Off

Mud and similar types of contaminants can be pretty tough to take off of cars, even when a self-service car wash is used. Having a protective coating on the car will make dealing with mud far less tedious.

Long-lasting Protection

When a car incurs some type of micro-damage, having long-lasting protective coatings helps to keep them covered up considerably well. Silver railings on a roof, for example, will struggle to get their shine back as soon as it's ruined. Polishing won't actually do anything productive; ceramic coating will help things stay on.

Scratch Resistance and Physical Strength

When a car has ceramic protection, it's much better protected than it would have been with traditional wax. This means that it's less likely to end up with obvious streaks from being driven in the rain and won't be as prone to small nicks or the like. It also helps to downplay the visual effect of any scratches the car may end up with. Ceramic protection will help the car's overall appearance to improve considerably.


It's important to protect a car's very surface, and the traditional wax approach has modern alternatives. This includes the likes of ceramic and liquid glass protection. Benefits of this include long-lasting protection, taking dirt off being more convenient, and scratch resistance alongside physical strength. So whether you’re a car detailing shop owner or a regular car owner, give ceramic coating a try!

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