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5 Methods to Avoid Water Spots on Cars and How to Remove Them

Nov 16, 2021

Water spots are tiny white spots that manifest over car paint or glass after the vehicle gets wet. They often come from rain, sprinklers, or water puddles. However, it can also be the result of a wrong car wash procedure. Although they are harmless, they are challenging to look at because they are apparent, mainly on sunny days.

But water spots are nothing to worry about. In fact, there are various ways to remove them from a vehicle and keep them away for a long time, like using car detailing kits. Below is a list of a few methods that are effective in removing water spots on cars.

1. Wash Vehicle Under a Shade

The most common cause of water spots is people leaving their cars wet under the sunlight at noon. Little do they know, extreme temperatures can cause the leftover water to evaporate while leaving a water spot in the affected area. Therefore, the best way to prevent water spots from developing is by doing the opposite of the factors that produce it.

First, schedule cleaning the car in the early morning or late afternoon. The sun is at its harshest during noon, making the environment exposed to it too hot and may cause evaporation on small puddles of water. Moving the car wash schedule to the hours where the sun is most weak should prevent immediate drying—allowing car detailers to wipe the car and dry it correctly.

2. Use a Quick Detailer and a Water-Vinegar Mixture

If the water spot has been sitting on the vehicle for more than a day, it might not be too easy to remove. However, using a bit of help from household products should make water spots go away.

Prepare a 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar and use it as a detailer product for the car. With the help of a quick detailer, wipe down the water spots and make sure they dry up completely. Afterward, proceed to rewash the vehicle to remove the foul odor brought by the water-vinegar mix. Again, dry as best as possible and keep the car under a shade before it fully dries.

3. Wipe the Car with a Clay Bar

A clay bar is either a synthetic or natural engineered resin that removes heavier-duty contaminants like paint overspray, brake dust, rust, tar spots, and even water spots. It is a product that can easily be moldable in any shape possible, and it is quicker for detailers to get into the hard-to-reach areas while providing a more thorough clean.

Using the clay bar and a detailer spray or lubricant should make the water spot removal a bit more seamless. The products should also prevent scratches on the paint job from appearing.

4. Break Out the Polisher

Using a polisher is one of the best and easiest ways to remove water spots. The polisher’s ability to moisturize and hide all the dirt sticking on the vehicle should be easy enough to remove the water spots looking like stains on the car. 

First, try to do a few passes on the area affected. If it works, leave a layer of polisher on the site. But if it fails to remove the water spots, then continue to the next step.

5. Wet Sand the Paint

In extreme cases, using the wet sanding method, which includes rubbing off the paint, should help remove visible stains, including water spots. However, only apply this method in instances where other removal methods do not work. 

After rubbing away the dirt off the vehicle’s surface, it’s crucial to use a polisher and a polishing pad to make the surface look brand new again.


Aside from using the best car cleaners in the market, following the most straightforward methods to eliminate water spots should prevent cars from looking like a plate out of the dishwasher. There are also car detailing kits that contain most of the basic things car owners would need to keep their vehicles looking sparkling clean. Overall, there isn’t any excuse for people to leave their cars looking dried up directly underneath the sun.

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