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3-Step Scratch Removal

Apr 29, 2021 Shallow scratches can be a major eyesore but don't fret! You can accomplish cosmetic scratch removal in 3 easy simple steps:

1: Clean the working surface with a spray-on detailer or soap and water. We recommend applying Speedcoat with a Microfiber Towel for this step. Speedcoat will dissolve dust and dirt on contact to prepare the surface for your polishing compound. 

2: Apply Correction Compound to the working surface with a Microfiber Towel. Gently rub in until the scratches are removed. Correction Compound is a diminishing compound that quickly removes scratches and paint defects. This compound doesn't contain silicones or fillers. 

3. Buff out any leftover compound with Speedcoat and a Microfiber Towel. Enjoy your fresh paint! 

Pro Tip: Any paint defects that are deeper than cosmetic scratches may require paint correction with a Polisher. We recommend using this tool with Pearl Nano's Ceramic Compound. Our Ceramic Compound is a non-diminishing, dust-free compound that cuts through marring and swirling with ease. Our Correction Compound can also be used with a Polisher if needed. 

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