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Car Wax - A Brief History

Apr 20, 2021

Wax has been utilized for vehicle maintenance since the early 1800's. The world's first maintenance wax was developed from animal fats and used to coat lacquer painted, horse-drawn carriages (source).

Frank Meguiar Jr. began his Detailing Supplies business journey in 1901, while Turtle Wax officially hit the automotive market in 1944. The first automatic car washes popped up in 1946 and by 1970, Japan and U.S. automotive industries introduced paint topped with what we know today as the "clear coat," (source).

The automotive industry's evolution made a clear path for the rise in Detailing Supplies. Today, it is estimated that over 1 billion cars are in use and over 24 million of those cars were produced just this year (source).

Needless to say, everyone needs car care. Vehicles can last decades with proper maintenance and what better way to protect your investment than with trusted car care professionals such as ourselves. Pearl Nano is dedicated to helping you preserve your vehicle with quality detailing supplies and accessories. 
While we strongly believe in innovation, we also like to go back to our roots. That's why we crafted Max Spray Wax, a Carnauba Wax infused Spray-on Detailer. Max Spray Wax is manufactured with polymers and fillers to hide micro-scratches, while leaving behind a silky smooth, velvety shine.

Used by Pros and hailed by the DIY Detailer, Max Spray Wax is the next weapon in your detailing arsenal. Order your $6 bottle and a Microfiber Towel below: