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Keeping your Car Nice in Winter

Nov 10, 2020


It’s that time of year again. Time for the temperature to drop, winds to blow and freezing rain and snow to blanket the landscape. Just because the weather is uncomfortable outside, does not mean that you cannot keep your vehicle clean and protected. Vehicles are expensive and keeping them clean is vital to their longevity. However, preparing your vehicle for winter is essential for enhancing longevity and will save you hundreds of dollars on winter damage aftermath repairs. 

Depending on your location, some municipalities, plow the snow-cover streets and spread harsh chemicals, road salt and/ or sand to minimize ice and increase traction on the road. While traction and road safety is vital, the chemicals and salt aren't great for your vehicle. Left to sit on your vehicle, these rust-causing chemicals and road salt will degrade the look of your car and speed up the corrosion of exposed metal, chrome plating and undercarriage.

Here are some helpful tips to get through the coldest season and chemicals you may encounter.

Clean/ Wash your car weekly. Driving in a cold, wet environment, your car can accumulate many more harsh chemical residues, environmental fallout, sand and road salt. The rain/ snow/ ice moisture repeatedly freezes and thaws, thus caking unto the surfaces. It’s important to clean/ wash away these damaging chemicals and road salt on your vehicle often. At least weekly. In colder climates, wash your vehicle with warm water — cold water could freeze to your car and create a dangerous and slippery mess.

Apply a coat of wax and sealant before the season starts. A great way to prepare for the harsh winter season, is to apply a coat of wax or paint sealant to your vehicle. This creates a physical barrier on your vehicle’s paint, making it more difficult for water and road salts to penetrate the surface. Ideally, a ceramic coating will protect the surface the best.

Protect your interior. Cold weather means warm drinks, dirty boots and muddy clothes. To protect your upholstery and seats from absorbing coffee, tea, or soda use Pearl Nano’s Textile spray. This water-based repellent protects most upholstery from absorbing stains into the seats.

For extra protection, consider switching to rubber floor mats. These are a cheap and effective solution to save your carpet from deep stains and make cleaning easier.

No matter how safe or cautious you plan to be, you will track in environmental debris and mud. The dyes from the road salt can deteriorate into the carpet and create mildew and bacteria. Counter these stains with Pearl Nano’s APC to cut through tough dirt and grime with ease.