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pearl nano

Featured Detailer - Ctubbz Detail

Apr 06, 2021

Pearl Nano Certified Installers are vetted and approved individuals commanding superb detailing, paint correction and ceramic coating skills.

Today we're featuring Ctubbz Detail, a Pro Detailer located in Rancho Cordova, CA. Ctubbz Detail utilizes Pearl Nano products and accessories to achieve outstanding results in his work. 

Pictured is a Porsche tire that's been dressed with Pearl Nano Tire Gel. Tire Gel is a water-based tire dressing that produces a smooth, natural finish. This tire dressing doesn't contain harmful solvents that will degrade your tires over time like other inferior brands. Pearl Nano Tire Gel also guarantees 0 sling, making it your new go-to for a refreshed, long-lasting tire shine. Order your bottle below.