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A Quick Guide to Ceramic Coating: Basics and Benefits

Oct 05, 2021

Owning a car is an undeniable luxury, but it’s also an investment. For this reason, many car owners go the extra mile to protect their vehicles, and one example of doing this is through ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is also considered a vehicle detailing product, like wax and polishes. It's always recommended that you get a professional to put in the work, as a mistake in coating your vehicle will cost you a lot.

What is a ceramic coating, and why should you get it for your car? This article will tell you what you need to know about the subject. Read on below to learn more.

More about Ceramic Coating

Simply put, a vehicle ceramic coating is a protective layer of liquid applied to the exterior of your car. It provides a long-lasting protective coating over the paint.

Just like paint, it also takes time to settle and harden after its application. Ceramic coating is either silicon or Teflon-based liquid that binds with your car’s paint. The coat is actually very thin and is also referred to as a nano-ceramic coating. There is also a spray-on option, which typically contains SiO2 or silicone dioxide. It’s easily worked into the surface, quicker to spread, and requires less curing time. It’s usually what’s used in DIY coatings, whereas traditional ceramic coatings need professional detailers to get the job done correctly.

It may function like polishes or wax, but the ceramic coating is in a different league of its own compared to these products. Ceramic coating is better in several aspects, such as degree of protection and application difficulty.

Types of Ceramic Coating

There are two types of ceramic coating: spray-on and nano-ceramic. As the name implies, a spray-on ceramic coating is a spray-on variant, which, as previously mentioned, means that it’s easily applied. Spray-ons create a ceramic layer of protective coating that can last up to a year. It can also be used on paint, glass, plastic, and rubber.

On the other hand, a nano-ceramic coating is the kind of coating that actually forms a hard shell. They’re a “one size fits all” type of product, which is why many people favor them over spray-on coatings.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

The primary benefit of ceramic coating is that it protects your car. However, there’s a bit more to it than that. Other benefits of ceramic coating include:

1. Protects Against Scratches

Since a ceramic coating is placed over your car’s paint, any scratches that happen would have to get through the layer of coating first before they can scratch your paint. 

Aside from that, swirl marks can also happen if you use abrasive cleaning towels. With ceramic coating, swirl marks will not occur on your car. However, it’s also crucial that you don’t use abrasive towels to protect the layer.

2. Makes Cleaning Easier

A ceramic coat is hydrophobic, which makes cleaning easier. Ceramic coating is designed to repel water by making it bead then running off your vehicle. 

Your car can still get dirty, but a simple wash is all you need. However, that changes if the ceramic coating has worn off, meaning you’ll need to reapply a new layer.

3. Protects Against Heat and Sunlight

Heat and sunlight can damage your car’s paint through oxidation. If this happens, then your car’s paint will fade. 

A ceramic coating protects your vehicle from heat and sunlight in the same way it does to water. Though it’s not preventable, a ceramic coating does help slow down the process of oxidation.

4. Protects from Air Pollution 

Many people don’t know this, but air pollution can actually make your car’s paint fade and deteriorate. No matter how hard you try, you will always expose your vehicle to air pollution one way or another.

A ceramic coating protects your car from air pollution in the same way it does to sunlight and heat—by slowing down the process.


A ceramic coating does nothing but good things for your car. They may be costly, but the important thing is that it’s an investment to protect your vehicle. Although having it done by a professional is an excellent choice, you can save more by doing it on your own—without the added risk of making mistakes. Make sure to purchase products from only trusted sources!

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