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How To Ceramic Coat Your Car

May 27, 2021

Ceramic Coatings are generally installed by Professional Detailers for $1,500+ depending on the size and condition of the application surface, the quality of the ceramic coating and the experience level of the Detailer. 

If you think that price sounds too high for comfort, you're not alone. The cost and time involved in having anything ceramic coated, often deters would be customers. That's why we created Spray-On Ceramic

Spray-On Ceramic is an ultra glossy, DIY Ceramic Coating. This Spray-On Detailer creates a ceramic layer of protection proven to last up to 1 year. Spray-On Ceramic offers an easy spray-on, wipe off application - no professionals needed. It can also act as a Ceramic Coating topper to enhance the properties of the coating while acting as a layer of protection. Spray-On Ceramic can be used on paint, glass, plastic and rubber.

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