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How to Keep A Clean Car When You Have Kids

Nov 10, 2020

Keeping a clean car, when you have children, is like seeing a unicorn — rare and (probably) not reality. Grimy fingers, dirty shoes, and spilled food can make up a small portion of the carnage a vehicle sustains from toting children around. Here are a few tips and tricks to avoid extensive damage and destruction, while keeping a smile on you, and your kids' faces.

Start with the basics:
What goes in, must come out.
Sometimes, handling a problem before-hand is best solved by preventing it first and cleaning it second.


  • Covering your car seats, with seat covers, is an easy solution for interior maintenance. When dirty, the plastic/ cloth seat covers protect and save your upholstery from spills, dirt and cookie crumbs — just remove, clean, and replace. We recommend plastic over cloth, since plastic doesn’t need to be washed and dried before reuse.
  • Add a trash can to the front and back seat of your vehicle. Trash storage can provide an easy to remove collection area for clutter to go. Even an empty cereal box with a grocery bag makes for a fantastic and quick car pickup. 
  • Clean and disinfect interior surfaces with Pearl Nano’s Interior Cleaner. It goes above and beyond by removing spilled messes and kills germs at the same time.
  • Organize sports equipment, household items, travel equipment, etc. Before it ends up on the floor, be sure to use laundry baskets, stackable plastic organizers and totes make inexpensive floor storage solutions.


  • Removing odors isn’t as scary as it sounds. Place baking soda underneath seats to absorb odors. Odor bombs can strip odors from decomposing bacteria. They are another solution. Finally, smells often come from stains. Eradicate stains with a drill brush, APC, and an extractor. See our “How To Remove Common Stains” article for a detailed how-to and links to related products. 
  • Vacuum. Vacuum. Vacuum. Vacuuming on a regular basis reduces odors, clutter, and dirt that compacts into your car's interior. If not dealt with sooner, a tough stain or spill could turn into an expensive interior extraction service. A high-quality Detailer would have the necessary tools and equipment to perform this function.