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How To Make More Money When Selling Your Car

Nov 10, 2020

Shiny, Clean Cars Sell Faster.

When selling your car, a buyer may point out every scratch, stain, and mark inside and outside. Buyers are looking for anything possible to knock down the asking price.

Below are some ways to make sure your car looks as new as possible, before you list it, and hopefully, you make more money on the sale.


Spills and dirt cause tough, hard to remove stains on upholstery. Paying for a deep cleaning/ interior extraction plus professional detail, can be expensive. Here are some quick, cost-effective ways to rejuvenate your interior, and do it yourself.


Spray Pearl Nano All-Purpose Cleaner generously onto upholstery stain and gently work in using a power drill and drill brush bit. Scrub it using a crosshatch pattern. Once the stain has broken down, use an extractor to remove the dirt and cleaning product from the material.


Interior Stains

  1. Spray Pearl Nano All-Purpose Cleaner generously onto interior stain. Gently work in using a detailing brush in circular motions. Once stain has broken down, spray on the Pearl Nano Interior Cleaner to disinfect it.
  2. Scrub or wipe the area with a high quality Microfiber Towel.



Remove Cosmetic Scratches

Have you ever noticed marks on your paint that weren't there before? Fingernail scratches under your door handle, shopping cart damage on your fender and other wear and tear, are all common causes of cosmetic imperfections. All can be easily removed.

  • Apply a dime sized amount of Ceramic Compound onto a Microfiber Towel or Microfiber Applicator and gently work it in using up and down / side-to-side movements. Once rubbed in, you can easily remove the Compound using Pearl Nano Decon and a clean microfiber towel.