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NEW Pearl Nano Graphene Line!

Apr 08, 2021

The Pearl Nano Graphene Line is live! 

These brand new products included our Graphene-Infused Ceramic Coating, Waterless Car Wash and Trim Restorer. *Pearl Nano Ceramic Coatings are only available to Pro Detailers. Sign up for a FREE Team Account to gain access to Pearl Nano Ceramic Coatings and Wholesale Pricing here.

Pearl Nano's Graphene-Infused Ceramic Coating is top of the line! Tried and tested by Pro Detailers, our Graphene Coating guarantees super hydrophobic effects, anti-static properties for easy application and unsurpassed durability.

Pearl Nano's Graphene-Infused Trim Restorer is great for rejuvenating your plastic trim. Use this product to re-hydrate dried out trim from within to restore original shine. 

Pearl Nano's Graphene-Infused Waterless Car Wash is a spray-on detailer and Ceramic Coating maintenance spray. This 2-in-1 versatility allows 6 months of incomparable protection complete with ultra hydrophobic properties. 

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