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Why should I ceramic coat my vehicle?

Feb 16, 2021

Ceramic Coatings are the newest technology in vehicle surface and paint protection. They'll prolong the life of the your car's paint while making the surface ultra hydrophobic, therefore much easier to maintain. Ceramic Coatings work by harnessing silicon dioxide (SiO2), which bonds to the surface of your vehicle on a molecular level creating a super durable barrier that lasts for years against environmental fallout, minor scratches, harmful UV rays, dust and light dirt, and more! Ceramic Coatings achieve all of these great benefits while making your vehicle look brand new with brilliant gloss levels. 

Pearl Nano offers an abundance of proven Ceramic Coatings for your every need. If you're not a Professional Detailer, we recommend finding a professional detailer near you through our Detailer Locater at 

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Nano Base is a medium-high gloss, non-solvent ceramic auto body ceramic coating. This ceramic coating is used as a base layer for Nano Pro Ceramic Coating. Nano Base boasts 9H+ hardness, super hydrophobic properties and the ability to be used on matte surfaces.


Nano Pro is an ultra high gloss, non-solvent ceramic auto body ceramic coating.
This ceramic coating is used as a top layer for our Nano Base Ceramic Coating.
Nano Pro boasts 9H+ hardness, super hydrophobic properties and can be used by itself if needed. 


EZ Nano is the world’s EASIEST to use ceramic coating! A temperature controlled environment is not needed. While EZ Nano is super easy to use, it also offers an extended working time unlike other ceramic coatings and creates an ultra high gloss shine complete with long lasting results.


Nano HD is a heavy duty/extra adhesion ceramic coating formula. It is perfect for Wheel, Marine and Industrial applications. This high gloss ceramic coating can withstand high temperature surfaces up to 1200°F, making it perfect for surfaces subject to intense wear and tear. 


Nano X is an extremely chemical resistant, ultra high gloss, super-hydrophobic ceramic coating.

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