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pearl nano

The Detailing Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Apr 27, 2021

Dependable accessories are a necessity when it comes to good detailing. These tools can make all the difference between an average and fantastic finish, meaning they are essential to the job. Pearl Nano is dedicated to offering the best accessories needed to make tasks easier, while providing the best result possible. 

Pearl Nano's 5-Piece Brush Kit includes 5 different sized brushes for all of your detailing needs. This kit comes complete with natural boar hair bristles that will not shed in clumps, and hold onto soaps much better than inferior brands. Watch our Brush Kit in action here. The brush handles are completely solid which prevents water from being trapped inside the handles over time, eliminating the need to constantly replace this tool. With proper care, Pearl Nano's 5-Piece Brush Kit will last you many detailing seasons! Order your kit below.