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pearl nano

Water-Based Tire Gel

May 19, 2021

The Benefits of Pearl Nano Tire Gel:

The exterior surfaces of your vehicle fade over time due to exposure to the sun/outdoor elements. These factors cause the rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces of your vehicle to appear extremely dry and worn. Thankfully, these exterior surfaces are SUPER easy to take care of with Pearl Nano Tire Gel

Pearl Nano Tire Gel helps revitalize application surfaces from within, creating a natural, factory finish shine. This water-based dressing is also biodegradable, making it much better for the environment when compared to solvent-based tire dressings. Use this wipe-on, no-sling formula to easily enhance the appearance and longevity of rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces.

Pearl Nano rejuvenates surfaces to help create contrast, improving the overall appearance of not only the application surface, but the entire vehicle. Simply place a few drops of Pearl Nano Tire Gel on a Microfiber Applicator, then apply Tire Gel to the application surface. Tire Gel can last weeks with proper maintenance and ideal driving conditions. Order your bottle of Pearl Nano Tire Gel below or a Wheel & Tire Bundle below.