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What to do now that you Bought a New Car

Nov 10, 2020

Congratulations! After long hours spent researching cars and then negotiating with the dealership, you are finally driving off the lot in your new car. If you look at the car today, it looks bright, clean and glossy. As you may know, this pristine, “new car look” will begin to fade over time. This is due to the modern water-borne paints, wear and tear, UV damage and more. The good news is that we have the products, tips and advice on how to keep your car looking like the day you drove it off the lot.

Clean it again.
Yes, the dealership may have given it a “detail” before you drove off with it, but it is important to give your vehicle a proper inspection, a thorough cleaning and apply some protective products to the surface. Use the 2-bucket wash method, or Speedcoat to clean, dry and protect your vehicle. Checking for surface contamination is the next step. Using a sandwich bag, place your hand inside and feel your vehicle’s surface. If it feels bumpy and not very smooth, it’s time to clay the surface.

Clay Sponge your car. But you may ask why, it’s brand new and just came off the lot? Even though your car is new, most likely, it went on a long journey from the factory, to get to you. From the factory, it may have traveled by ship, train, or truck (sometimes all of the above) and could have been sitting on the lot for weeks. The environmental fallout, rail dust, pollen, road grime residue, dirt and even brake dust have probably accrued on the surface over this timeframe. Most of this can be removed by washing it, but much of it cannot be. A clay sponge or clay bar, with clay lubrication, will remove most of the contamination and leave a silky finish. Once you have finished this step, you’re ready for the protection stage.

Seal and Protect. Your new car’s clear coat is exposed to environmental fallout — without proper protection, you risk environmental and industrial contaminants/ pollutants sticking to the surface of your car. Damaging UV rays can quickly fade today’s clear coat. This leads to paint deterioration, which will cause your paint to look much older than it really is. A coating or paint sealant, like Pearl Nano’s SpeedCoat, Max Spray or Spray-On Ceramic, helps prevent this damage, deterioration and build up by protecting the clear coat with a super clean/ ultra slick protective shine. SpeedCoat and our Spray-On Ceramic enhances the gloss and slipperiness of the surface, while creating a long lasting hydrophobic effect. The brightness and overall look of your car is incredible.

Now that your vehicle is clean, decontaminated and protected, it’s up to you to keep up with the maintenance. Wash/ clean your vehicle weekly and DO NOT USE automated / brush car washes. Although convenient, the harsh chemicals and aggressive brushes and abrasive scrubbers are too much for your vehicle’s surface. They will cause damage and you will see this damage over time. The safest route is to clean your car with SpeedCoat Ceramic Waterless Car Wash or wash by hand using the 2 bucket wash method or foam cannon.

Pearl Nano’s Speedcoat is for quick detailing. It’s a ceramic infused waterless car wash, paint sealant, and ceramic coating maintenance spray, that can be used to clean paint, glass, chrome and plastic. It’s perfect for cleaning your car in the garage, at the park, beach or parking lot. Dirty/ Clean/ Wet/ Dry/ In the sun/ or in the shade.