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Why You Need A Bucket With A Grit Guard

Mar 05, 2021

The first question folks always ask is, do Grit Guards really work?
Believe it or not, they really do! There are a few reasons why a Grit Guard insert can be useful. 

One reason is that a Grit Guard blocks you from being able to touch the bottom of the bucket with your wash mitt. The bottom of the bucket is where the largest sediments settle. You don’t want to reintroduce these sediments to your wash mitt and therefore your vehicle by accidentally dragging it across the bottom of the bucket. The Grit Guard prevents this.

Finally, a Grit Guard insert acts as a washboard of sorts. It provides a rough surface for you to agitate or rake your wash mitt or sponge against to dislodge any dirt or foreign objects from the wash mitt or sponge. The dislodged particles will then fall to the bottom of the bucket and be trapped there, again preventing you from reintroducing these sediments to your vehicle's fragile paint. 

When it comes to the right bucket for you, we recommend a Pearl Nano 3.5 Gal. Bucket with a Grit Guard.