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DIY Car Cleaning: Why You Should Clean Your Own Car

Oct 05, 2021

As you spend more time behind the wheel, your car tends to accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris. Unless it is extremely well-maintained, the new-car look and smell will fade away after the first month. The good news is that all you need is a fresh clean using the correct techniques and the right car cleaning supplies to make your vehicle appear as good as new. If you need further convincing, here are several reasons why you should clean your own car:

1. Avoids Unnecessary Damage

Having your car detailed by professionals may be convenient, but automatic car washes can be too harsh on your vehicle. This is because no-touch car washes use extremely alkaline chemicals that can damage surfaces over time. 

Car washes also destroy the gloss of the paint over time since the machines scrub the paint with abrasive brushes. When this happens, you may have to seek proper paint correction that is time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, since they use the same machines and materials on multiple vehicles throughout the day, it does not offer thorough cleaning. In the end, you will be left with a filthy car. Protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage by washing it at home.

2. Saves Yourself a Trip and Money

Driving over to a car wash can be time-consuming since you still have to wait in line behind other vehicles and sit around as your car is being cleaned. Plus, it can also be costly in the long run. Save yourself the hassle and avoid spending money on something you can do on your own by cleaning your car at home. Just make sure to use the right car cleaning products to make it look as good as new.

3. Customize Your Car Cleaning

Having your car professionally cleaned doesn’t always mean you will bring home a completely clean vehicle. To be sure that your car cleaning needs, preferences, and priorities are met, it’s best to clean your own car. This way, you have full control over the entire cleaning process and pay extra attention to the areas that matter to you. Whether you prefer getting into scrubbing the tires or focus on having an ultra-high gloss to the paint, you are assured that you will get your desired results.

4. Use Your Trusted Supplies

Heading to a car wash may be convenient since the staff or machines do all the work for you. However, you don’t get a say in the products used. Unfortunately, a commercial car wash can often damage the finish or strip the wax of a vehicle. Thankfully, preventing this is easy by opting to clean your car on your own and picking your trusted car care products. 


There are many options to get your car completely shiny and spick-and-span. While you can go to your local car wash, part of the joy of being a proud car owner is taking care of your ride yourself. This involves making time to give it proper washing and detailing every once in a while to ensure it shines like new inside and out. Besides saving you time and money, DIY car cleaning gives you a sense of fulfillment.

There’s no better feeling than driving a newly cleaned car. Start making a statement on the road with DIY car cleaning products from Pearl Nano. We offer worldwide shipping. Order now!