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Polishing A Black Car

Feb 17, 2021

Do you know the best tricks to polishing a black car?

Contrary to popular belief, black car paint is no different than any other color of car paint. Most of today's car paints are covered with a clear coat. This is a Urethane and Acrylic mixture that creates a super-glossy look that shines in the light. Clear coat is what protects your paint from being damaged, but clear coat also scratches fairly easily. Common clear coat damage/ swirls/ scratches and marring is amplified more on black painted surfaces. The smartest way to protect your investment is to have your vehicle professionally paint corrected (scratches polished out) or X-Koted and then ask them to install a professional-grade Ceramic Coating on the surface. Below is a diagram of common paint defects and what they look like. 

Pearl Nano's Correction Compound is a NON-DIMINISHING, dust-free, cutting and polishing compound. This product easily cuts through scratches, swirls and marring with a
Dual Action Polisher! 

Pearl Nano's Correction Compound is also known to tackle black paint correction with ease. This product will leave your paint looking fresh, bright and brand new! View a black paint correction video by Primeshine Detailing using our Correction Compound here:

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